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Watch Jordan Neely Dead Video Leaked Twitter, Video Shows Former Marine Putting


Police say that a 24 year old former Marine locked his head on a New York City subway passenger who later died.

When a 30 year old man identified by the New York Post as Jordan Neely boarded the subway and began threatening passengers, the brawl broke out on the Broadway Lafayette station on Monday afternoon.

Neely lost consciousness as a result of the physical struggle that followed. He was raced to Lenox Slope Emergency clinic, where he was articulated dead.

The episode happened just sooner than 2:30 p.m. on northward stage F of the Broadway-Lafayette station in midtown Manhattan. The man in his 30s.

Neely’s attacker claimed he was intervening to assist other passengers who felt threatened and scared. However, advocates at a vigil for Neely on Wednesday afternoon stated that Neely was the one who required assistance the most and that society had failed him.

The fight was caught on camera, and it showed the 24 year old wrestle with the 30 year-old on the floor of the car while others grabbed the man’s legs and arms as he tried to get away.

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