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Nana Liang Leaked Video On Twitter & Reddit.



The 31 year old added that it had been recorded years ago and that she was unaware of the reason why it was now being leaked.

Under Liang’s social media posts, numerous fans have since posted encouraging messages. She received support from her current boyfriend, who is not associated with the entertainment industry.
In an Instagram story, he stated, Sometimes you just want to live a good life, but it is so difficult.

Nana Liang, a Taiwanese artist, is receiving online media attention following a recent scandal. She is said to have been having an intimate moment with a man when the private footage of it emerged.

I never imagined that something similar would occur to me, but it did. I simply desire to get away from everything.
Some Internet users had the hunch that the man in the video is Nana’s former lover, Taiwanese actor Lee Hsin Chiao.

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