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According to her family Christina Ashten Gourkani an OnlyFans model who also advertised herself as a Kim Kardashian impersonator passed away from a cardiac arrest. She had turned 34. On the other end of the line. Ashten is dying. Ashten is dying her loved ones wrote on a Go fund me for her on april 25. Our family received a tragic phone call from a family member who was frantically screaming and crying in the early morning hours on 4/20/2023.
Our family continued to live a nightmare when we learned shortly after receiving the phone call that she had suffered a cardiac arrest and that her health and wellbeing had continued to deteriorate. The model died as a result of a medical procedure that took a turn for the worse according to the family. No additional information was provided. In the message a touching tribute to Gourkani was written by her family.
Assuming you knew Ashten you realize that everybody made a difference to her they composed. She was such a mindful and cherishing non conformist that generally required some investment to carry a grin to anybody face she ran into. She was the sort of individual that would stoop down and converse with youngsters at eye level she looked for the desolate individual in the corner and caused them to feel exceptional as she has such an endowment of associating with individuals.
The family tended to the late model straightforwardly in their recognition. Christina Ashten Gourkani i hope there is a place in heaven where you can feel the amount of our grief and the emptiness of our broken hearts that we feel as a result of not having you in our lives they wrote. Chrissy we adore you so much.
The model friends and family are attempting to raise gifts to help pay for her burial service. We request in this time from grieving our misfortune and skepticism that individuals can meet up to assist our family with enduring this when there is not sufficient strength their message expressed. As we lay Christina Ashten Gourkani to rest in eternal peace our family is indebted to you for your assistance.


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