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Full Ring video of Steven Crowder Abuses wife on Social Media



A disturbing new video shows conservative commentator Steven Crowder berating his then heavily pregnant wife for not performing wifely duties and telling her to f–king watch it.
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Powerhouse Steven Crowder discovered censuring pregnant spouse for not performing wifely responsibilities F- – ruler watch it.
News Influencer Steven Crowder caught berating pregnant wife for not doing wifely duties by Lee Brown april 28 2023 8:58am. A troubling new video shows conservative commentator Steven Crowder telling his then heavily pregnant wife to f–king watch it while berating her for not following instructions to perform wifely duties.
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The Ring footage which was posted on Yashar Ali substack on thursday shows a fight leading up to what the youtuber has referred to as a hHilary Crowder wife tries to reassure her husband that she loves him and is committed repeatedly while he is being scolded.
She once told him i love you but your abuse is sick and he sternly warned her observe it. Observe it please watch it. Crowder supposedly owned up to later inside the house compromising his significant other.
I shall beat you up. The almost 3 1/2 minute video from june 2021 begins with Crowder smoking as he scolds Hilary who was eight months pregnant with their twins for not sticking to the limits he had set for her.
He tells his wife as she tries to leave their home you are not taking the car because if you refuse to do wifely things then I will go pick up the groceries. His distraught wife quietly makes the observation that they do not require groceries and makes the offer to go get anything he requires while she is out. Nevertheless the influencer yells i am unable to use the gym. I am unable to visit my parents. I can not call my companions.
Imagine how confined you have made me, Hilary! his better half inhales profoundly and seems to retaliate tears, the internet based character tells her that the main way out of it is discipline and regard. Hilary makes a second offer to take care of her husband grocery needs and says she needs some spacetelling himI love you i love you definitely.
According to the family the truth is that Hilary spent years hiding Steven mentally and emotionally abusive behavior from her friends and family while she attempted to save their marriage. The footage has not yet been addressed by Crowder who is perhaps best known for a meme that went viral of him sitting behind a desk with the sign Change my mind. However earlier this week he told his audience on Louder With Crowder about his horrendous divorce implying that enemies were attempting to shame and extort money from him over it.

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