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faith kipyegon S*x tape with boyfriend gets leaked

You lightly tapped his cheek in an effort to wake him up from his nap on the couch. Fluttering his eyes open, he yawned softly, almost an exact replica of how your son often would.


“What? Is it dinnertime already?” He asked while sitting up.

“Almost, but I noticed your phone was going crazy with notifications so I thought it must be something important.”

Kissing his sleepy face, you chuckled and returned to the kitchen before anything accidentally burned. Fixing his hair, Hongjoong picked up his phone to see about 10 missed calls, 20 unread messages and a dozen emails all from different people, most of them from his fellow teachers at the university. Scanning through the first few, Hongjoong became wide awake and immediately began looking back to see the email he had sent right before going to sleep.

“Ok food is- what’s going on?” You noticed how agitated he looked.

Um…well…. funny story. You know how I was supposed to send in my report to the administration? I might have accidentally attached the wrong file on there..” He sheepishly admitted to you.

By his tone, you knew it was probably something serious.

“Ok and what was the file?”

Hongjoong grabbed your arm and placed you next to him.

“You’re gonna want to be seated for this.”

Hongjoong opened the file and held the phone out for you to see. You widened your eyes as you saw it was the old video he had taken of you sucking him off for the first time when you were at the university. You couldn’t help the tiny grin tugging your lips as your loud slurping sounds blasted through the speakers.

“Fuck! Miss Y/N, do you really enjoy sucking cock so much?” Hongjoong’s raspy voice was heard on the background, one of his hands holding the back of your head to plunge your mouth further down onto his length. You were seen moaning dramatically as you pulled away slightly, drool falling down your chin.

“I used to, but now I think I’ll only love sucking cocks that are as big as yours.” You winked as your hand pumped along his shaft, your tongue coming out to swirl around his head.

“Still think a pretty young thing like me can’t take a cock like yours Mr. Kim?”

Getting so flustered, Hongjoong stopped the video and ran a hand through his hair as he waited for your outburst. When you were silent for a while, he looked over and was confused to see you smiling.

I can’t believe you kept that after all this time.” You giggled as your hands cupped his cheeks.

Well I…. I just like reminiscing about the old times when you used to give me the best suck of my life.”

You raised an eyebrow at him. “What do you mean used to Kim Hongjoong?”

Hongjoong flushed even more when you came down and sat in front of him as you began pulling his pants down.

I can still give a blowjob that’ll leave you breathless.”

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