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Bud Light Fenway Park Video viral on twitter full

Bud Light Fenway Park Video, Everyone has had enough”: Red Sox Bud Light Fenway Park Ghost stand video goes viral


Bud Light Fenway Park Video

the viral TikTok video that was posted on Wednesday, one could see fans stand in a line adjacent to a stall that was selling the blue Bud Light cans. The Budweiser section looked incredibly deserted. The clip went on to show the stadium where the Red Sox played.

The video was taken in the concessions area in the bleachers concourse section of the famous Yawkey Way stadium.

The 40-second clip panned from a packed concession line to another line which showed no people. Two workers were seen behind the Bud Light stand which was marked “cold beer.” One of them was seen leisurely scrolling through his phone.

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