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American Idol finalist Colin Stough slammed by netizens over his old social media posts; Read details

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Colin Stough, the 18-year-old American Idol finalist is now garnering attention for all the wrong reasons. After the musician entered the Top 10 of the celebrated reality show last Sunday, a couple of his social media posts from 2020 and 2021 have now resurfaced online. The netizens are not exactly pleased with the offensive and disturbing content on Colin Stough’s old Facebook posts and have been calling out the singer for his insensitivity.


Netizens slam Colin Stough for his ‘Offensive’ posts

In the first Facebook post, which was originally posted in 2020, Colin Stough is seen holding a large wild cat that he hunted and killed. A non-profit organisation that supports the practice the hunting, shared his pictures with the wild cat’s body on Facebook with a caption that reads: “Congratulations!!! Colin Stough for getting a little predator control done and meat in the freezer.” The netizens, especially the loyal followers of American Idol are clearly taken aback by the musician’s insensitive behaviour, and have been slamming him for his cruelty.

Check out the post, below:

Colin Stough's Facebook post

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Colin Stough's Facebook post

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