Characteristics of Gambling Agents Online Poker Cheats on the Internet

Not all online gambling agents on the internet can really give trust to the members who are in it, it could be that before there was no intention to deceive but arise when a member gets a big victory. This kind of thing we often hear on the internet is a mode of fraud with different systems such as blocking computer IP numbers that can not log in, reduce the chips of the members and run away. And it can be ascertained that an online gambling agent like this one is a con artist. Well here are the characteristics of the online gambling agent of the undercover online poker.

How Characteristic Agent of Online Poker Penipu

  • Sites that are designed to be perfunctory

The characteristics of the first online poker gambling agency is a site design that is not designed for the convenience of members who want to join. Well usually gambling agents who can be said abal-laid and do not have enough capital to open a gambling service is a site that is less interesting to see or too simple. So it can be ascertained that online gambling agents online on the internet has a site that is less interesting to look at.

  • Does not have many games

As we know that a lot of online gambling poker agency that has many games in one website and can be played only by using 1 ID only. Well in terms of the game itself is usually connected to a server such as poker IDNPLay online and some other servers. If you encounter a gambling agency that owns your own server it is certainly a fraudulent gambling agent who tries to benefit from online gambling poker members.

  • Difficult to contact

Furthermore to see the characteristics of online gambling players a fraudulent online poker is hard to contact both CS directly and also with other contacts. This is what makes many members feel difficult when they want to solve the problem deposit, user id and other problems. For that make sure when you choose an online gambling agency poker is a gambling agent who can really be contacted.

  • Provide a minimal deposit that is too large

Like an online gambling poker agency in general, to provide a guarantee of trust to the members of course must provide a minimum deposit that is not too large. For example, for gambling poker own usually minimum deposit is Rp. 20,000- Rp. 25,000 which certainly can give a sense of trust to the members who have just joined.

  • 1 ID for one gambling game

And it’s easiest to know if the online poker gambler agency you currently follow is a cheater or not by looking at the use of ID for all types of games. Usually one ID for all types of games is very reasonable and almost all gambling agents like that. But when you find an online poker gambling agency that has only 1 ID for one game it can be a gambling agent.

Well that’s some information about the traits to find out whether the gambling agency you’re currently using is a fraud or a trusted one. In order for you to avoid online fraud, better join a trusted online poker gambling agency which is the official and trusted gambling agent to date. This gambling agency also has many games besides online gambling poker.

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